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Jeff Uusitalo


Jeff Uusitalo is a visual artist who draws from his life experience to create abstract visual improvisations. In 2020 Jeff began experimenting with brush, palette knife, and acrylics in order to express emotions around the pandemic, as well as the deeply troubling social and political divisions in our country.

His ongoing work in recovery from Alcoholism and childhood trauma provide Jeff with a rich inventory he shares through his paintings. For Jeff, a jazz trombonist, improvising an abstract painting is much like improvising a solo in an ensemble.

His work is musical in nature. "I try not to get in my own way by focusing on color and movement until I am finished with the piece."

Jeff also works part time at a local behavioral health hospital where he serves people who have also struggled with drugs, alcohol, and/or mental health crises.

"Sharing my love with people who are hurting is one of the most rewarding things I've done."

Jeff has benefited from deep work with a great health/life coach and a mental health therapist. 

"I am grateful to have profited personally from the work with these amazing professionals as well as a strong community of people in my life who continue to be loving examples for me to follow."


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